Monday, December 10, 2007

Post To: PROJET RECYCLAGE / Caillouel-Crepigny, FRANCE



Post To: RACHEL / Kingston On Thames, ENGLAND


Post To: RYOSUKE COHEN / Moriguchi-City Osaka, JAPAN

Titled, "Siamese Farting Fighters", pretty self explanatory right?, these guys are part of the Berube Bug series I've been working on for many years now but most importantly they were created specifically for a mail artist by the name of Ryosuke Cohen who puts together limited edition compilations of images sent to him from other mail artists around the world. Called "Brain Cells", I've been fortunate enough to have received 2 of his previous hand constructed/printed compilations and decided it was my turn to reciprocate and participate by sending Mr. Cohen one of my original linos for him to use in an upcoming Brain Cell.



Saturday, December 1, 2007

Post To: "DRAW-IN" CIRCLE / Jacqueline Mantle - Glasgow SCOTLAND

I was recently contacted by "pOstage" on MySpace an introduced to a few MailArt projects. The first one, I was given a persons name and address and asked to send a post to them, I received back a beautiful drawing of Ms. Pearcy's dog all the way from England, you can see her post in my "Portraits" blog.

The second organized effort by 'pOstage' is a called "draw-in" circles, a direct reference to the way that this project operates. I've been included into a group of 4 other Mail-Artists and given the name and address of the initial individual that I'll send my mailart piece to. As each person in the group receives mailart from someone in the group they add to the piece and send it on to their initial contact. Ultimately, I will have received 4 other pieces that I will add to and send on and eventually I will receive my original post with additions from the 4 other artists. What a cool project!!!

I just sent out my first post to Jacqueline Mantle in Glasgow Scotland, the image is below. I hope it doesn't scare anyone off, LOL, it's just a reflection of my state of mind a few weeks ago when I worked on it.

I'll be posting all pieces that I receive and add to on this blog, stay tuned for the fun!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Postcards Sent From Florida

Well I'm back from my amazing birthday/vacation to Fort Lauderdale and Key West Florida. Can honestly say that it was difficult getting on the plane heading back to NYC.

While I was in Key West and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, I brought along a stack of handmade post cards with artwork on it I created from a trip to Florida a few years ago. I had never really printed up the image before and thought it would be fun to use it as my post card image, and add some color to it while on vacation down there. I ended up sending out about 25 post cards, some to friends and family, but the majority of them went to people who had sent in responses to my "Portrait" mailart call that I had not replied back to yet. So I've included a scan of one of the post cards I did, (they're all different), and a list of mailart friends who should have already received or will be receiving a post card really soon.

If anyone is interested, I have a 5 extra cards printed up. If you're interested in receiving one send me your address, otherwise they'll end up buried in a pile in my studio and forgotten.

I also received 4 more submissions to my "Portrait" mailart call. One from Russia, France, Greece and Texas. I'll post them as soon as I have a chance to scan them.


Cards Mailed to:
Teodor ajder / Warsaw Poland
Miguel melero / Culleredo (a coruna) Spain
Akua Lezli Hope / Rochester NY
Ms. Marie Anakee / Manalapan NJ
Isabelle Vannobel / Dunkerque France
Paul Tiilila Gallery ExG / Palkane Finland
Denis Charmot / Marnaz France
Carlos Botana / A Coruna Galicia Spain
Lorraine Kwan / Vancouver BC Canada
Miguel Jimenez / Sevilla Spain
Jassy Lupa / Grassy Creek NC
Adi Marom – Yuval Sheer / NYC
Candace Porth / Phoenix AZ

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Heading To Ft. Lauderdale For 10 Days

Hey Friends/Visitors -

I just wanted to let everybody know that I'm heading out of town for a late summer vacation. If you happen to send something in the mail during that time, I obviously will not be able to add it to this blog or reply via mail until my return.

While in Florida, I'll be sending out return posts to anyone I've rcv'd mailart from and have not yet replied too. Since my schedule has been so insane this past few weeks, there's quite a stack of replies I need to get in the mail. The fun thing is that you guys will be getting something special, a little dif. than my usual "Portrait" mailart reply cards.

I won't be able to scan all of the post cards I'll be sending from Florida, but I will post an entry here listing everyone who did get a postcard from me.

Have a great week, I know I will.