Saturday, December 1, 2007

Post To: "DRAW-IN" CIRCLE / Jacqueline Mantle - Glasgow SCOTLAND

I was recently contacted by "pOstage" on MySpace an introduced to a few MailArt projects. The first one, I was given a persons name and address and asked to send a post to them, I received back a beautiful drawing of Ms. Pearcy's dog all the way from England, you can see her post in my "Portraits" blog.

The second organized effort by 'pOstage' is a called "draw-in" circles, a direct reference to the way that this project operates. I've been included into a group of 4 other Mail-Artists and given the name and address of the initial individual that I'll send my mailart piece to. As each person in the group receives mailart from someone in the group they add to the piece and send it on to their initial contact. Ultimately, I will have received 4 other pieces that I will add to and send on and eventually I will receive my original post with additions from the 4 other artists. What a cool project!!!

I just sent out my first post to Jacqueline Mantle in Glasgow Scotland, the image is below. I hope it doesn't scare anyone off, LOL, it's just a reflection of my state of mind a few weeks ago when I worked on it.

I'll be posting all pieces that I receive and add to on this blog, stay tuned for the fun!!!


the ice chewer said...

I am going to follow this project to see where it will take you!

Odelia said...

Thanks for writing this.